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Aunt mom nylon stockings sissy boy

Nephew Alex comes over for the weekend to spend some quality time with his incredible aunt Sue who he has always had a very close relationship with.

The night goes on and after a few drinks Both Sue and Alex become a bit more intimate together, Alex tells his Aunt about what had happened with him and his now ex girlfriend who broke up with him because he told her that he had a stocking fetish and wanted to endure in this sexual desire with her but she was not into it and thought of him as being some sort of sexual freak and wanted nothing to do with him.

Aunt Sue finds this subject very interesting and asks Alex more about his fetish and wants him to share more details with her about what exactly it is that turns him on about stockings and silky nylon.After listening to Alex Sue gets up and come up with an idea that she tells Alex will love. so they both head upstairs to her room and Sue pops out a pair of silky white nylon panties from behind her back and tells Alex to let go of his frustrations and have some fun with his fetish. Try them on I promise I wont judge you I too love the feel of the smooth nylon its totally normal that a young man like you would love them too there is nothing to hide.So come on go try them on for aunty sue and hurry also remember you have to try them on with out underwear on so that you get the real sensation.

Alex reluctant at first to do what his aunt asks of him he finally gives in and happily goes on to try on the pantyhose.OMG the experience is amazing just standing there in a room with a woman who has no funny or judgemental thoughts towards you and your fetish become a massive turn on for Alex. Sue makes him sit down beside her and starts to feel his legs and groin through the very soft material. Alex cant help himself he is just too horny to even question that his aunt is making a move on him and that even he wants to have some fun with aunt Sues silky nylon stockings.

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