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cuckolding satin mom with son

Sexy milf Maria show up in a sexy tight cheongsam dress and sitting on a bench covered all in white satin.

She looks at her hubby throughout the whole clip who is always in first person like the POV clips that you do so well.

Maria insults her husband by calling him all kinds of disrespectful names and makes him go on his knees and look up to her from the ground like the bitch he is. She tells him shes tired of him and needs a real man in the house so he must go down and lick your heels. Please show your feet in heels for quite some time and show he licks and worships them as long as you can.

She makes him get up and crawl back to his place so that she can call in the real man of the house the one that will show him how she likes things done.

To his surprise in walks in their son who is naked and with a half erect cock, he stands right beside her with his cock very close to his mothers face while she looks at her pathetic husband and tells him that this is a real cock and his son will show him how a real man does things right.

The rest of the clip Ill leave to you to surprise me just please when you make your son cum please do it in your mouth and make your hubby lick it all up from your tongue and when it drips on the floor make him clean that up too with his tongue.

Thank you so much!!! I cant wait to see what you come up with Maria xxx

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