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mommie diapers stepdaughter in front

My stepdaughter Zara has had a real attitude problem lately. Her father and I have tried talking to her, but she insists on being snarky, not doing her homework, and hanging out with the wrong crowd. I come upon her texting her no-good friend Luna to come hang out. I’m sure that she hasn’t finished her homework yet, but I let it go and remind her that she’s supposed to fix her attitude.

Well, of course she hasn’t. When Luna comes over it’s nothing but sass and rude whisperings. I’ve had enough. It’s time for a diaper punishment! I strip Zara out of her little white dress and put her in a big, puffy diaper. She’s so tiny and cute that the diaper nearly engulfs her! Luna is shocked, but also amused. She laughs and points as I dress poor, sassy Zara in a humiliating sailor outfit and lock her into it with cuffs and a cute, white bondage belt with sweet, little roses. I even let Luna take a few pics on her phone to show to the kids at school tomorrow. Completely humiliated, Zara just stands there blushing and trying not to cry.

But Luna shouldn’t have been so sassy herself. Just as she’s mocking her friend for being in diapers, I inform her that I recently spoke to her Mommie, too, and that I have permission to apply my special brand of diaper punishment to her, too. I strip Luna down and put her in her own matching diaper. I may not have extra gear to lock her up (though I’ll certainly tell Luna’s Mommie where to buy a set), but I do the next best thing: I take all of Luna’s designer clothes away. So it’s naked or a diaper. No third option. Now it’s Zara’s turn to watch and giggle!

The girls are decidedly pouty about being stuck in diapers, so I give them a chance to get back the keys for Zara’s bondage. I tell her that if she wets her diaper, she can have the keys back, no problem. I make her stand in front of Luna and put my hand on her little diapered crotch so that I can feel her. Zara swallows her pride and manages to wet her diaper, right into Mommie’s hand. So I give her a set of keys-baby keys! Did she really think that she would get out of her punishment so easily? Of course not.

Rather than change Zara, I decide that I need a little retail therapy after dealing with two bratty girls. So I take the real keys, and all of Luna’s clothes, and head off, telling Zara to let her Daddie know that I’ll be home late

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