Marceline Leigh – Sister’s Ultimate Seduction FULL NUDE FullHD 1080p

Marceline Leigh - Sister's Ultimate Seduction FULL NUDE FullHD 1080p

There’s something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about, bro. Something that has been on my mind for a very long time.
It’s to the point where I’m dreaming about it, I’m obsessing over it.
I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly it is? What is it that I keep thinking about, what I want so bad?

It’s you. I want you. My big brother. I want your lips against mine and to kiss all over my body. I want your hands caressing me. And most of all, I want your cock inside of me. I want you to stretch out and fill up my tight little pussy. And from how hard you’re getting, it looks like you want me just as bad.
What? You don’t think it would be right? Who cares what anyone else thinks and if other people say it’s wrong. We both want each other, so why shouldn’t we do what we want? And if you need some more persuading, why don’t I show off a bit of my body.
Whoops, looks like I forgot my panties. But there’s something I didn’t forget. My butt plug! I put it in so that way you can fuck any hole of mine you want. All of my body is yours for the taking. My mouth, my pussy, my asshole. Every inch of your sister’s body is yours. And we both know how bad you want to take it all.
You’re still worried!? You have nothing to worry about. I’ll be discreet. No one would have to know. I just need you, bro. I need my big brother’s cock in me so fucking bad. How about I just touch you a bit. That feels good, doesn’t it?
My mouth will feel even better. And that’ll be okay, right? Just having your sister’s mouth wrapped around your cock? So… bring that amazing cock to me….
That feels great for you, having my mouth go up and down on you. But you know that my tight, hot pussy will feel even better. Or my asshole. Whichever you want. But, I won’t lie, I want you balls deep inside my pussy. I’ll even let you cum in me. You can fill your sister’s pussy up with your hot, creamy load. You want that? Yes, you do. Now come here, fuck your sister.
It was so much fun teasing you and seducing you, but it feels fucking amazing having you inside of me and having you fuck me while my asshole is still plugged up. Isn’t your sister’s pussy the tightest, prettiest pussy you’ve ever seen? And now, I want us to cum together. I want my pussy to milk all the cum from your balls.

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