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Added: 8/18/17

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Clip Contains: My most delicious Vampire seduction yet. I take my time slowly seducing you.toying with you. Then once you’re glamoured into submission I take my pleasure. feeding and fucking how I like. I bite into the deep veins of your cock and suck you hard. I take you inside my evil vampire pussy and ass. The fucking and feeding becomes an ecstatic sexual frenzy leaving you completely empty and utterly void of life. **Vampire. Glamouring. Fangs. Anal. Cum Play**


The estate was dreary.outside the overgrown gardens were covered in fallen leaves and the interior of the old mansion was equally unkempt. dark. cold. The floors creaked under your feet as you slowly made your way down the hall. Night was almost falling, and the light of the orange setting sun just peaked through the narrow slits of velvet that draped the windows. In a distant room somewhere, a record played a sombre piano requiem. You entered her bed chamber. You held your cross out In front of you to shield you from danger. You knew exactly what she was. an evil Beast like no other. A Vampire who would devour you in a second. But as she slumbered, you couldn’t help but admire her terrible beauty. You pulled the satin sheet back to reveal her gorgeous body draped in a black evening gown. You trembled as you held your cross over her and reached for your stake. But just as you were about to slay that bloodthirsty vampire, she awoke, and all at once your courage left your body. You knew what she was doing. using her savage beauty and power to seduce you. you tried to resist. but her presence was so intoxicating. Your fear, loathing, wrath and anger turned to shameful lust. And she knew it. She could feel your body change as you looked upon her dangerous curves. You looked into her eyes and then everything went cold. You felt yourself sink deeper into your body. Unable to control yourself you did as you were told. You removed your clothes. You tried to stop it. but you couldn’t. You battled yourself internally trying not to let your cock get erect as her icy cold fingers caressed you. But it grew. it became so hard and stiff the pressure pounded and pulsated throughout your body. She had complete control from the moment you stepped onto her estate, and now her ruby red eyes were laughing at you as she began to suck your cock. No sound left your mouth as you screamed in terror at her fangs. her horrible fangs. she sunk them them into your cock, releasing some of the incredible pressure building there. the pain. the pleasure. it coursed through your veins. You tried not to enjoy it. but you couldn’t stop yourself from doing as she bid you. Animals are what they are.and she is no different. A hungry bloodsucking monster who’s hunger cannot be tamed. She wants to fuck and she wants to feed and she’s tasted the and cum of many a foolish slayer just like you. Watch in horror and ecstasy as she drains your every last drop out of you.

Xoxo Meana Wolf

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