Mind Under Master Chloe Temple, Harmony Wonder, Liv Wild – Trance Therapy FullHD 1080p

Session 1: After Chloe Temple saw the good doctor she knew her friends in the dorms, Harmony Wonder and Liv Wild, could really use his help. It’s so difficult to get a good night’s rest in the dorms, but once the doctor puts them into a trance they find themselves learning exactly what they need. Chloe lovingly kisses and whispers in the doctor’s ear as he puts her friends deeper and deeper under his control. Everything he says makes perfect sense. They can’t rest because they miss home, they miss their step-daddy…but HE could be their step-daddy and stripping out of their clothes and cuddling in bed with him is just what they need. — The girls pile on top of step-daddy as he strokes their hair and soothe them with his voice. Soon they’re grinding their wet little pussies again him as they kiss and touch each other. The beg for his help to cum, if they could just cum they KNOW they’ll get the rest they need.

Session 2: They girls are dressed and ready to cuddle again with step-daddy but he needs to finish their therapy. Chloe again kisses and whispers how wonderful he is as he trains the girls to be his little fucktoys. They’ll need to pleasure him if they truly want a good night’s rest and once they’re in the bed they all take turns sucking step-daddy’s cock while the other girls grind against him, whispering, pleading, kissing him however he wants. They’ll do anything to make him happy, to prove they’re good for step-daddy. Only after they make him cum are they able to close their eyes and rest peacefully.

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