Mind Under Master Emma Starletto – Trance Therapy FullHD 1080p

Mind Under Master Emma Starletto - Trance Therapy FullHD 1080p

Session 1: Emma Sterletto is stressed about her student loans. Collage is just SO expensive and the only reason she’s trying trance therapy is because she got a free voucher. The good doctor assures her that this is all very common as he begins to put her into a trance, digging deep into her subconscious mind. He explains that there are a LOT of ways for a beautiful girl like her to make money and she IS beautiful. Dancing for example is a GREAT way to a sexy like her to make money and it just so happens that the Doctor owns a strip club. He’s more than happy to give her a job there, but he’ll need to train her in his office first. She’s wants to learn right?

Without seeming to think about it Emma is soon on his lap grinding to music as he teaches her about how to make money at the strip club. She need to lure men into the VIP where she tease them and keep them there song after song. He teaches her to seduce them, to remind them how much sexier her little 19 year old body is than their wife. Tell them how turned on she gets when they come visit her. Teach her to rub their cock when the bouncer isn’t looking. As she gets closer and closer to a climax he counts down. 3. 2. 1.

Emma snaps out of it, her clothes back on and no memory of what exactly just happened. The doctor recommends she come back and even offers to wave his usual fee.

Session 2: Emma is back a big smile on her face and a new sexy dress on her body. The doctor puts her into a trance and notices that she seems less stressed. She’s been thinking about his offer and she wants to be a stripper. Well, if you’re a stripper there’s no sense in staying in school is there? She agrees, there’s no reason to stay in school. Money was causing her stress but she can make SO much money dancing for older men. It turns her on to dance for older men. It turns her on to make LOTS of money stripping. In fact she can pay for her therapy sessions by dancing for the doctor. But if she wants to make REAL money she might want to start giving blow jobs in the VIP, she alright with that right? Of course she is.

Emma is excited to show the doctor all her new moves. All of her inhibitions are gone as she grinds against his hard cock. She dances and begs for him to stay, song after song. She slips his cock our and drops to her knees. Her wet little mouth feels amazing and she tells the doctor to lay back so she can really worship his cock like he deserves.

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