Mind Under Master Khloe Kapri – ASMR Taste FullHD 1080p

Mind Under Master Khloe Kapri - ASMR Taste FullHD 1080p

Khloe has seen all the cute girls who make ASMR videos so she jumped at the chance when a producer cast her to be the star of his new ASMR channel. She dresses up in her cute colorful outfit and gets to work whispering to the audience, asking what kinds of sounds they like. She teases the sequins on her boots, plays with her tassels and cracks some glow sticks, but the producer has a whole array of candies ready for her. She pops a hard candy into her mouth and finds herself feeling so wonderful. By the time she’s letting the rock candy fizzle on her tongue her pussy is soaking wet. Then he recommends she put on a new outfit, he’s going to give her a Popsicle and doesn’t want her to ruin her clothes. She nods. It makes sense she thinks as he hands her a some very skimpy underwear. Without thinking she puts it on, she hesitates briefly but eagerly puts on the six inch heels once he showed her the pink Popsicle he had waiting. It was just an ASMR video and the candy has been SO good, she could wait to have more. He feeds her the candy and then tells her to look into camera and read the script. Her eyes glassy now she does as she’s told. She tells ALL the step-daddy’s out there how she just wants to make them happy. She tells them to forget their wives and just enjoy her voice. Her sweet innocently little voice. She practically falling over from her sugar high when the producer comes out to help her. She leans back against him while he pushed the Popsicle down her throat. She gags but doesn’t care, it feel so good, the candy just makes her feel so fucking good that she starts grinding against his hard-on while he feeds her. When the Popsicle is gone he offers he his fingers and the moment he puts them in her mouth its like she’s tasting candy all over again. She sucks and licks his fingers telling him how tasty they are, but then he stands up and tells her the sounds of his zipper would be good ASMR. She nods and unzips his pants, she can feel his cock getting hard and catches herself. “Wait I thought it was just candy?” He zips his pants back up and she begs for it back. She unzips his pants and hards his cock into her mouth. Iss so very good, so much better than the real candy. He tells her this will make the step-daddy’s at home very happy. She wants to make the step-daddy’s happy because she gets more candy whenever step-daddy is happy. Soon step-daddy wants to try her other holes and she obeys. He fucks her from behind, she rides him, she does whatever he says because she needs her candy. Step-Daddy has her lay down so he can taste HER candy, she looks up into camera hoping all the step-daddy’s at home like watching her cum while her step-daddy licks up her sweet little candy for himself. Once he’s had step-daddy fill he pins his down with his hand around her throat and fucks her until she cums, her sweet little voice moaning in his ear while he takes what he wants. Then step-daddy lets her suck out the best part of his candy. She begs and pleads for it. She knows it’s going to taste the best, she just needs to prove she’s a good for her step-daddy. She wants to be good so step-daddy will keep giving her his candy.

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