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Cam Girl Part 1: Just after her 18th birthday, Leana Lovings became the personal, private cam girl for a mysterious man. She never heard his voice because he used a modulator and she never saw hi face because his webcam just showed a pattern of static. At first he would just talk with her for hours every night, but little by little he’d ask for more and each time Leana pushed herself to please him. He liked to role-play blackmailing her making her beg for him to not tell anyone, but soon the role-play because reality when he demanded she seduce her stepdad or he’ll release the footage of what they’ve been doing.

— One night while her mom is out with friends, she sets up some hidden cameras and makes her move, but her stepdad resists. Not knowing what else to do, she confesses everything and begs him to do this for her. He doesn’t need to fuck her, just a HANDJOB, just this one time and no one will ever need to know. With her hand rubbing his hard cock, he finds it difficult to say no and agrees, just this one time. As she tells him to touch her body if it will help and he does. He tries to think of his wife but his stepdaughter is a hotter sexier version. The man demands they make more videos, giving her stepdad a BJ in her cheer uniform. Getting spanked for being a bad girl and then the unthinkable. Fuck while her mom is in bed. Wearing a slutty school girl uniform she nervously wait s until her stepdad comes downstairs. Awkward at first, she confesses this is her first time but promises her stepdad she wants him to be her first as she starts giving him a BLOWJOB. He grabs the camera to give the man some POV shot. He has her lay back on the sofa looking up into his eyes as she encourages him to be her first as he enters his stepdaughter MISSIONARY style [Simulated Sex]. She holds on tight to him trying her best not to moan out and confesses her love for him. They can’t be blackmailed if they WANT to make videos every day. He records her POV style as she sucks and strokes him, begging for his cum. After confessing this all to her friends she reveals that he’s making her blackmail THEM and if they don’t seduce her stepdad with her, she’ll be made to release their videos!

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