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Session 1: Lily Rader is worried. She’s not satisfied in her relationship and she’s afraid she’ll feel this way forever. The good doctor has seen many women with the same issue, but he’s going to take a more hands on approach in this case. He tells Lily to lay down and look up into his trance light. “Did you see that?” she asks as words flash before her eyes, but she couldn’t make them out. The doctor tells her to concentrate on the words until she can read them. “Relax…Calm….Passive” she says as her mind goes blank. “Doctor, I can’t move” she tells him. “There’s nothing to be nervous about, I’m here to take care of you” he tells her and she repeats “You’re here to take care of me.” The doctor begins to examine her body, she doesn’t find this odd at all “I don’t find this odd at all” she repeats. “In fact it turns you on” he says as he takes off her shorts and panties. “It turns me on” she repeats. “I want you to tell me how it feels” he tells her.

Session 2: She comes back the next day excited to see the doctor. She doesn’t know why but it feels like she belong here with him. He sets her at ease and begins her treatment. Words flash and she feels her mind god blank once more. The doctor knows she wants him, but if she can’t pleasure him, he’ll never see her again. Her eyes get watery at the thought of never seeing him again, she begs him to keep seeing her. She’ll do anything. She needs his help.

Session 3: Lily barely needs any trance therapy today.

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