Miss Ellie – Get This Over With Son FullHD

Miss Ellie - Get This Over With Son FullHD

Miss Ellie

CHARACTERS: Prude, angry and embarrassed mother who loves the finer things in life and a good rough assfuck. Rude and nosy son who has a little too much time on his hands… and cum that needs to haha… cum… out. . . . . .
SCENE 1: Fuck yeah, give me what my husband won’t – a good dick in the ass… fuck yeah… oh god that feels so goo – SON!?!? Fuck! He’s gonna cum in my ass, don’t watch this!!! You can’t tell your father! Oh my god! Please don’t tell your father. Wait… you’re saying you’re going to blackmail me ? Into what? You’re going to tell him if your dick isn’t the next one in my ass? WTF? What a pervert! What have I done….

SCENE 2: I’m hoping everyone is enjoying their lunch while secretly panicking inside. What if my son tells? I have to do everything that he wants now… but he wants my ASS?! AND MOUTH!? What am I supposed to do? Just let him fuck me? Well.. I mean… I guess. If this gets me out of him telling. My thoughts are interrupted when you mimik to me to get under the table and suck your cock. But dad’s right there… I shake my head no, but you’re persistent. I drop something on the floor quickly so I can find an excuse to get under the table and accept my sons huge load.
SCENE 3: I hate this TV show but you love that I’m sitting on the floor by the couch. All the more reason to take advantage of the situation and bend me over and fuck me hard. Are you sure you really want to risk getting caught like this? Right here? I’m looking at the side of my husbands face while your dick is penetrating my ass. Damn, you think, doesn’t mom look pretty? Time to fucking ruin it…. And you blast me with your thick load.
SCENE 4: I had to go clean up since you messed up my makeup and came all over my face. But lo and behold, there you are, waiting for me fresh out of the shower. I washed off your cum quickly and exited to find you, hard dick in hand, waiting to facefuck me until you cum all over my face again. But you’re still not done, no, you fuck me right up in the ass again until you cum. But we just leave it there, you want me to play with the cum on my face. Does this make you happy? Making your mom a little mess? Well, your father is right in the next room and I’m sick of having to yell out to him to stall him so you can finish inside your own mother. I’m going to bed, goodnight.
SCENE5: I awaken to find you naked, on top of me, dick hard and ready to go. But your father is right next to me! You don’t want to get caught, right?! You know what – your father and I just fucked! How pissed does that make you!? Oooh. You shove your dick inside me and start fucking me hard. But this time, it’s in my pussy and mommy turns into a little bit more of a slut…. she really likes this and shows it in tiny spurts here and there. Then finally using her filthy mouth to get you off quicker.
SCENE 6: I want to call a truce. Your father is in the kitchen cooking breakfast and I want this to be over. Let’s get it over with, son. What? You put my legs up and slide your cock in through my crotchless panties. I tell you things like I’m your free use mom and don’t tell your father. Reminding you of the reason you’re pissed at me, you fuck me harder and relentlessly until you bust a load all inside your own mothers pussy. And just as dad walks in, I cover myself and exclaim that breakfast is ready and it’s time to eat! We’ll talk more, later, son. END

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