Miss Malorie Switch – Our Daughter The Prude FullHD

Miss Malorie Switch - Our Daughter The Prude FullHD

Miss Malorie Switch

*Use of taboo trigger word* FIRST SPLIT SCREEN: roles of mother AND daughter. You and your wife walk in on your daughter crying on the couch, having had her boyfriend just break up with her. She’s in college now, and she was saving it for him (to your surprise). Your wife consoles her, telling her as her mom that boys don’t really like prudes, how no one really saves it for marriage anymore. Her daughter is furious, storming off. Your wife talks to you about it, about how she needs to lose it if she’s ever going to keep a boyfriend. Suddenly, she has an idea. Your daughter wants to lose it to someone she loves, who will be there for her forever, and who better to do that than her own Daddy! You like the idea, and when you all sit down for dinner, your wife mentions the idea. Your daughter is appalled, storming off once again to finish dinner in her room. That night, she talks to her ex on the phone, as he tells her that he can’t wait until marriage, showing her that it was her prude status causing the breakup. She starts to contemplate the idea, looking up daddy/daughter porn on her phone. She gets aroused, masturbating, and cumming to it, cumming to the thought of fucking her own father. The next morning, she confronts the two of you, telling you that she wants you to take her virginity after all. Mommy guides her, instructing her and encouraging you on exactly what to do. She gets her to strip for you, suck your cock nice and slow, and then to lay back on the couch with her. She tells you to go slow with your daughter, as you enter her, taking her tight, virgin pussy. Your wife, her mother, masturbates watching the two of you, telling both of you how hot it is watching. You fuck your daughter, as she tells you she can’t have you cum in her, how she can’t get pregnant her first time. Of course, you two listen, and when you’re close, after your daughter cums on your cock, she gets down on her knees, taking your big load all over her face. Getting back up on the couch with Mommy, your wife tells you how happy she is that you were able to help take your daughter’s virginity, ridding her of her prude status. Aren’t you proud of your daughter? Mommy certainly is…

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