Miss Noel Knight – Beating Daddy Down FullHD (MissNoel.com/1080p/2015)



You’ve really fucked up this time, Daddy. You’ve let my bank account get too low and now you think you can talk back to me? Don’t be stupid. We both know who is really in charge around here. I think you’ve forgotten your place. I teach you a harsh lesson by beating you down to a bloody, bruised pulp. You’re so weak; you can’t even stop your own little girl from kicking your ass! In between every hit I land on you puny little body I laugh at your erection, pointing out just how much you enjoy my bratty behavior. By the time I’m done, you’re crying and begging for mercy. Too bad I don’t have any off that for losers, huh? I’ll use and abuse you as I see fit, Daddy, and you will thank me for my attention!.

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