Miss Penny Barber – Mommy Catches You and Helps You Finish HD 720p

Miss Penny Barber - Mommy Catches You and Helps You Finish HD 720p

Barely able to contain yourself after staring at mommy’s bare feet and perky nipples — poking through my questionably appropriate outfit — you grab your phone and some tissue the moment I leave to go shopping. I come racing back in after deciding to order a pizza, and I find you masturbating I the living room! I know I should be upset, but I’m fascinated by your beautiful cock. What if mommy helped you…finish? I get down between your legs, lick my palm, and lovingly stroke your nervous erection. While I take it between my big tits, I sneak a peak at your phone to know what you were jerking off too. Seems like mommy really is your type! I strip down to my sneakers and pleasure you with my eager mouth, snapping a few pics for your personal use later. I get maddeningly horny deep throating your fat dick and beg you to fuck me. I can’t help but scream as you make me come. You’re going to finish the way you started. I finger myself in front of you and count us down to a glorious simultaneous masturbatory orgasm.

Now, what do you like on your pizza, stud?

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