Missbehavin26 – Mommy’s Homework Reward FullHD 1080p

Missbehavin26 - Mommy's Homework Reward FullHD 1080p

script: I’m in my bedroom doing homework. You come in holding a plate of cookies. You say the rest of the family is downstairs. You told them you had to come up to see if I’m doing my homework. They think your homework reward is a cookie. But your real reward is i* with your own mother. You love your good boy. You want to be a good mommy and make your son happy. YOU TWIRL AROUND, MODEL YOUR DRESS, AND EVEN LIFT UP YOUR SKIRT TO SHOW ME YOUR LEGS AND PANTIES. You got this dress just for your son. Because you know your son likes peaking underneath mommy’s skirt. Come on, son. Want to see under mommy’s skirt? Want to peak under mommy’s dress? Come on, son. Mommy’s legs are so nice. Mommy’s legs are the road to i*. Come on, son. BUT THEN YOU STOP. You say you this is my reward. And you can’t give it to me unless I did my homework. You’re an i* treat, but you’re STILL a good mother first and foremost. YOU PULL DOWN YOUR SKIRT AND SIT DOWN ON A DRESSER/CHAIR/EDGE OF THE BED. THEN YOU GIVE ME A LITTLE SEXY TEST. You ask if I did my math homework. Yes? That’s a good boy. YOU SPREAD YOUR LEGS A BIT. You ask if I did my english homework. That’s a good boy. YOU SPREAD YOUR LEGS A BIT. You ask if I did my history paper. You want your son to get good grades after all. YOU TEASE ME, ALMOST PULLING UP YOUR DRESS. Did I do my paper? Did your sweet, smart son do his paper? If he did. He gets to see his mother’s panties. That’s a good boy! That’s mommy’s good boy. NOW Mommy’s good boy gets a reward. YOU PULL UP YOUR DRESS AND SHOW ME YOUR PANTIES. YOU REALLY SPREAD YOUR LEGS AND LET ME SEE EVERYTHING. Look at this son. Your mother’s panties. This is the hole you came out of. I created you with my body. Look at your mommy’s pretty body, son. You want me to suck on your breasts. But now you want to tug on your boy’s big cock too. YOU PULL OUT YOUR BREASTS AND PLAY WITH THEM WHILE SPREADING YOUR LEGS SO I CAN SEE YOUR LEGS AND PANTIES. That’s it, boy. Suck on mommy’s breasts. That’s it. You want to be a good mommy. You love baking cookies for your boy. You love taking sucking your boy’s cock. You love feeding your boy dinner. You love it when your boy feeds you his hot cum. This is so wrong. Mommy and son. You feel the warm love of motherhood and the hot love of womanhood at the same time. What would everyone downstairs say if they knew this dirty mommy was fucking her good boy? What would they say if they knew this mommy was a cumslut for her own? YOU TAKE MY COCK OUT, AND START LOVINGLY LICKING MY SHAFT AND BALLS AND ASSHOLE IN BETWEEN, YOU SAY THE FOLLOWING: Mommy and son. Be good boy for mommy. Mommy’s licking her own son’s asshole. Mommy is a treat for her boy. Be a good boy and cum for mommy. I CUM IN YOUR MOUTH Feed mommy your sweet i*. Feed your slut mother your cum. That’s a good boy. That’s a good boy. Mommy loves you

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