Mister Cox Productions – Catching Stepmom Playing With Her Toy FullHD 1080p

Mister Cox Productions - Catching Stepmom Playing With Her Toy FullHD 1080p

She doesn’t know it yet, but you got home early and walk into Stepmom Vivian’s bedroom to greet her. Just as you enter her doorway you see her up on her bed with a big dildo, getting ready to hop on it and fuck it! “Finally a night where everyone is gone and I can enjoy a new fuck toy!” she says still not knowing that you are there. As she begins to fuck her dildo, your cock begins to get hard as you pull it out and start masturbating as you watch your Stepmom moaning and fucking her dildo! You decide it would be a good idea to record some of this action on your phone, just in case you need the video to blackmail her at some point. You pull out your phone and hit record as she continues to fuck her dildo with her pussy creaming all over it! You hope to cum on the edge of her bed and leave before she notices you, but you end up dropping your phone making a loud noise as she turns around noticing that you’re there watching her “What the fuck! What are you doing here!??” she asks. She actually thinks it’s kind of funny that you caught her… She’s STILL horny as fuck and notices you’re big boner pointed right at her! “Do you want me to cream all over your cock like I did this one? I think I can do that to you… What do you think!?” she asks as she rubs the dildo with her cream all over it. Stepmom Vivian gives you a slow, deep and sensual blowjob before you fuck her standing doggy style over the edge of the bed as she says “…It’s not like I’m your real Mom…”. You grab her neck and ram her hard as she looks up at you. You continue to fuck her doggy style as you both move up onto the bed, before you roll her over on her back to fuck her with her missionary while holding her leg up in the air until you unload you cum all over Stepmom’s skirt “Good boy… Ruin my skirt!” she says. She grabs onto your cock as it continues to drip cum, smearing her finger in your cum as she licks her finger off saying “I love getting this cock as a surprise… I love your dick and your cum!”. This Stepmom roleplay video is filmed entirely in POV / point of view with lots of dirty talk from Stepmom with awaited responses. No male voice in this video. For fans of: Stepmom, roleplay, dildo riding, cheating wife, MILF, POV, big cock, big ass, dirty talk, eye contact, doggy style, missionary, cum shots.

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