Ms Price aka Helena Price – Impregnating My Sexy Aunt Part 2 FullHD 1080p

it had been a while since my aunt asked me to be her sperm donor so i was starting to think that she didn’t want me to do it anymore. so i was really surprised and happy when i got a text from asking me to come over once i got out of school! when i got to her house i knew my uncle was still at work since he was always working. i found Helena and we chatted for a minute then she told me that my sperm was tested and my count was high and today she was ovulating. i asked her if that meant we were heading to the clinic and she told me no. it was to expensive at the clinic and my uncle would find out. i asked her how we were going to get her pregnant then, she smiled and told me the old fashion way. she told me to follow her and she led me to her bedroom. once she closed the door i told her i was really nervisou about this, she just told me to relax. we were not going to do more then we had to, i would take my clothes off and she would just take her bottoms off. once i was undressed she told me to lay on the bed then she straddled me and lowered herself on to my hard cock! she said this was technically this was sex but we werent doing it for pleasure and with that she started riding me. after a few minutes she told me i was bigger then my uncle and im pretty sure she had a few orgasms before i came in her. she told me to come back tomorrow after a school since she still would be ovulating then as well!

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