Nathan Bronson, Sovereign Syre – Anything For You HD mp4 2020

Anything For You

Sexy socialite, Sovereign Syre, swaggers into her upscale condo with her stepson, Nathan Bronson. She orders him around as her nervous stepson stumbles to satisfy her. They’re returning from visiting Nathan’s latest stepfather in the hospital and Sovereign casually laments on how he may or may not pass away in that hospital.
Nathan finds some photos in the closet, it’s his beloved stepmother and his birth-mother in bikinis at a strip club. “You were a sex worker?!” “Oh honey, don’t be angry.. I always thought you knew.” Nathan’s fury comes to a boil as he ponders on whether or not his love for his stepmother is and has always been a lie. Sovereign dismisses his frustrations, she knows she has what it takes to cool him down. She orders him on his knees, Nathan obeys with his tongue hungrily lapping at her pussy. Sovereign thinks of his wealthy stepfather, annoyingly hanging on by a thread, “Would you do anything for me?” “Anything,” he replies.

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