Diane Andrews – StepMom’s Desperation HD


Your mom comes in your room one evening, with her hair still wet from her bath, wearing the tiniest and sexiest little nightgown thing that keeps falling down and exposing her beautiful breasts.
“Honey, are you awake? I’m sorry to wake you, but I’ve just taken my bath – you can see my hair is still wet – and I went in to be with your father, but he’s already asleep. So, I thought I would come and see if you were awake and what you are doing.
I know you don’t know much about women, yet, and I guess it’s my job to teach you, but when women get to a certain age… well, my age, we become very… ummm… sexually aroused or “horny” as you like to call it. I’m at that age, but your father is always working, and even when he’s home, he can’t seem to stay awake until I finish my bath at night. I have to have my bath every night to keep my skin nice and keep looking good for him, but then he just falls asleep. I was wondering… well, I really shouldn’t ask this of you, but I am in desperate need. I ache for the touch of a man, and I thought that maybe, well, you could help me? I know it’s wrong. Very wrong. But, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.
” Mom’s little nighty slips down, exposing one breast, and she quickly fixes it, but this makes you get an instant hardon, and she noticed it right away. “Well, umm, it looks like I’ve gotten you excited already!”
Eventually, mom’s beautiful breasts both come out of that tight little nightgown, and she offers them up for you to suck on.
“Come closer my dear, here you go, put this in your mouth. Afterall, that’s what they are meant for!”
Now she is ready for you. And this is really going to happen. You’re really going to get what you’ve always wanted!

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