Nikki Brooks, Akira Shell – Step-Mom and Step-Daughter are to Take Care of Step-Dad’s Perverted, Sexual Needs, POV FullHD 1080p

Nikki Brooks, Akira Shell - Step-Mom and Step-Daughter are to Take Care of Step-Dad's Perverted, Sexual Needs, POV FullHD 1080p

– Step-Mom Tries to Protect Step-Daughter Sex

Warning: this is a very disturbing and perverse clip!

“Hey honey,” your wife cleared her voice nervously, “we’re all exhausted from that weekend trip, so why don’t we skip out this time around?” Your step-daughter, Akira, hid behind her step-mother, and the both were afraid were terrified of what your response might be.

You wanted a close family – one who cater to your every demand and your perverted, sexual needs. The past weekend trip was not only intended to “physically bond” with your wife and step-daughter, but for them to learn their place as well. “I understand she’s young and she has more energy,” your wife responded, “but she’s also getting used to everything.”

Your wife begged for you to give your step-daughter a break, but you refused. “I understand that being repetitive gets her more used to it, but it can wear someone down…” she explained, “we wouldn’t want her to become fragile, would we? If she’s fragile, she breaks, and when they break, they talk.” But you had trained your step-daughter to be a good girl, and she knew better than to tell anybody what was going on. She knew the punishment that resulted in being a bad girl.

“This is just how Step-Daddy shows his love,” your wife reassured Akira. Your step-daughter looked at you with desperate eyes and begged you to let her skip out for just one night. “Please, please, please Step-Daddy?” she asked, but she already knew what the answer would be.

“Come on, it’s still fun between us…” your wife said seductively, trying to distract you with her body so that you’d forget about your step-daughter. “You’ll always have her, you’ll always have me.” Now you were getting irritated – it was obvious your wife and step-daughter were disrespecting you and that they were stalling for time.

“I don’t want to,” Akira pouted sadly, but Step-Mom knew there was no other choice. “Honey, let’s just get it over with,” your wife whispered to her. Your wife started by stroking and sucking your cock, which only made your cock throb harder for your young step-daughter. You made your wife her in sick, immoral ways as you watched, then had the both of them share your cock.

Your step-daughter cried as you fucked her step-mother right in front of her. She knew how disturbing and wrong it was and that there was nothing she could do to make it stop. “I love you, Step-Mommy,” she sobbed. When you were done with your useless whore of a wife, you threw her back onto the bed, then demanded to have your step-daughter’s pussy. Step-Mom tried to comfort her sweet, scared girl as you penetrated her tight hole.

Despite how terrified she was, your step-daughter couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. You finally filled her pussy with your cum, and your wife quickly gathered her from the bed to get her cleaned up. “Why does he do this every day?” Akira cried to her step-mother as she left the room.

“Really?” your wife said with clenched teeth. “You couldn’t give her one night? I’m so sick of this…”

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