Nikki Brooks – Earn Your Keep At Your Mommys FullHD

Nikki Brooks - Earn Your Keep At Your Mommys FullHD

Nikki Brooks – Earn Your Keep

Nothing is truly “FREE” in this world, even your own loved one’s seem to cash in when it comes to beneficial exchanges. Your step-mommy Nikki is no different, she doesn’t necessarily expect rent from you but she does have “other” things in mind. It’s your first time truly being alone with her in your new big house, she likes to keep things spotless and tidy but most of all she doesn’t like to be taken advantage of. You’ll be provided with room and board with a little extra on the side.

Nikki will take care of ALL your needs, food, laundry, clean sheets, etc…. The only thing she asks in exchange is a GOOD FUCKING, yup you heard right. Your step-mommy expects to get dicked down by you at least twice a day, after all she provides you with three meals a day plus snacks the least you can do is fuck and make her cum twice a day. You’re shocked at first but soon realize you’ve struck a deal of a life time, however you weren’t aware of what a high sex drive your step-mommy has. Nikki immediately cashes in on her deal and tell you it’s best to get “ahead of the rent” and start before the first night has past. You barely have your pants off before feeling your step-mommy’s mouth on your cock, she loves sucking your cock and you have a feeling you’re going to love pounding her pussy. You spread her open and slide right into her and everything that seemed inappropriate before seems natural, now. You’re loving every thrust, your cock soaked in her juices, feeling her pussy pulsating for your cock and you can feel she’s about to cum. You fuck your step-mommy even harder, driving your cock deep inside her and hearing her moan out loud that she’s cumming!!! You feel her cum drip down the shaft of your cock and this triggers you to instantly cum. Except you forgot one thing, to pull out …….. You cum deep inside you step-mommy and you love how inappropriate this has all been. Nikki’s pussy is oozing out your cum as she approves of the taboo act, “you’ve earned your keep for tonight, I’ll come back tomorrow to collect”. You can live this life FOREVER…..

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