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Alexandra is sad, she has been dumped by her boyfriend for another girl.

She sits on the couch sulking, when her brother David comes in and tries to cheer her up, he tells her that her ex is a fool and that she’s the prettiest girl in the world and he is missing out.

Alexandra is thankful, but she is still bummed, David asks what her and her boyfriend were going to do, and she tells him they would have gone to a movie, David knows just how to cheer her up, he tells her taking girls to movies is what boys do, men spend time with their girl at home doing other things, if she’d like to see.

Alexandra is intrigued and says yes, David slides his hand up her leg, which shocks his sister, but she lets him. He gets down between her legs and starts to lick her pussy, making her writhe and squeal in pleasure.

She stands up and takes her clothes off, then they start kissing, then David lays her down on the couch and fucks her from behind, speeding up making her moan and beg for more.

He flips her over and pounds her some more until he is ready to cum and blows his load all over chest

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