Brooklyn Daniels in daughters little secret – football wrestling HD (


scene two: football wrestling

dad and daughter are watching the game when they get into an argument over which football team is better. i can still take you dad she says as she jumps on him and puts him in a headlock. they wrestle on the ground dad toying with his daughter just like when she was little. this time the daughter has a secret weapon. reaching down his pants she jerks his cock.

what are you doing he cries but quickly gives into his daughters soft hands. she teases him about giving up and tells him to admit her team is better. he refuses so she pulls her shorts to the side and guides his cock into her. she fucks on top of him until she sees her mom walk into the room. hiding her pussy with her hands she tells cory that they are just wrestling over a sports team.

cory asks who is winning and the daughter gets a naughty look on her face and says i am and bounces on her dad’s cock while cory remains oblivious. cory leaves to go shopping and they both rip off their clothes and fuck like the naughty dad and daughter they are.

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