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scene one: previous client (dad)
You have an appointment with Dillion at her house, but getting their a little early she tells you that she is with someone at the moment (dad) and that she will be right with you. you sneak in to see Dillion sucking on a large cock. she looks at you but keeps sucking, letting you see her in action. Dillion strips off her clothes and pulls herself up on the counter as the man licks her tight pussy. she moans with pleasure when his hard cock starts to fuck her. her big tits bounce up and down as he thrusts inside her. Dillion is flipped over and moans loudly as the fucking gets faster until he cums inside her.
scene two: your turn bro
Dillion is cleaned up, dressed and ready to see you now. she tells you to feel her large natural breasts as she explains the rules about this visit to you. she pulls open her jeans for you to feel how wet her pussy is, giggling and moaning as you touch her. she tells you she is going to suck your cock. getting to her knees she starts by slowly and lovingly sucking your cock. as you get harder Dillion sucks faster and deeper sending shivers of pleasure up your body with her tongue.
she stands up and pulls down her jeans and black lacy thong and wiggles her ass for you on the bed. she tells you to slap her ass with your cock and fuck her from behind. you slide your dick inside your sister’s tight pussy and fuck her.
scene three: premium service – for my brother
Dillion tells you that she wants to ride you now. laying you on the bed she guides your cock inside of her and pulls off her top revealing her huge tits. she lets you squeeze her breasts and bounces on your cock giggling with delight. fucking you, Dillion lets out moan after moan feeling each deep fuck.
flipping her around you grab and spank her ass. she continues to fuck you until she cums hard on your cock. she turns around and asks that you titty fuck her. you rub your pussy wet dick between her big tits as she looks at you and moans. she opens her mouth and she begins to suck on your cock again. sucking and jerking Dillion forces the orgasm out of you and you cum all over her young face. she smiles licking her cum soaked lips, ?bye bro!”

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