Olive Wood – Your Family Loves You HD 720p

 Olive Wood - Your Family Loves You HD 720p

Your sister catches you in the bathroom taking photos of your cock with the door wide open. Knowing that you don’t have a girlfriend, she teases you relentlessly and suggests that you must have been putting on a show so that you’d get caught. She calls your mother over to tattle, but Mommy takes your side. She explains that your sister is far too harsh on you and that perhaps, she bullies you because she has a secret crush on you. In order to gauge your sister’s true feelings, Mommy suggests that the two of you pretend that you’ve been seeing a new girl and is certain that when your sister finds out, she’ll confess her true feelings. You like the idea, but you know you’re a terrible liar and if you don’t REALLY lose your virginity, your sister is going to see right through you. Mommy wants her boy to be happy, so she offers her loving holes and the two of you climax on the sofa moments before your sister arrives. When Mommy announces that she overheard you having sex with a mystery woman, your sister can’t conceal her jealousy and demands that you prove it to her. She determines that the only way to know the truth is to examine your cock and check for signs that you’ve recently been inside a woman. Upon smelling your mother’s fluids on you, she breaks down and confesses that she’s always wanted you for herself. She delights in licking the “mystery woman” off your cock and begs you to bury yourself deep inside her. How can you resist?

( I don’t think I have ever used the “I” word more in a single video)

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