OliveWood – Mommy of the Year HD

OliveWood - Mommy of the Year HD


Mommy is certain she’s being scammed when she opens up a letter from the obscure “Model Mommy Magazine”, congratulating her on winning Mother of the Year and awarding her $25,000. She dismisses your insistence that the contest is real until she uncovers an outrageously embellished letter you wrote to the magazine detailing a list of her fictitious accomplishments. Though mortified by your bizarre letter, she gradually begins to open up to the idea of being featured on the cover of the magazine and starts making plans for her prize money.

As Mommy gushes about the grandiose tropical vacation the two of you will take with your earnings, you can’t help but notice how beautiful she looks tonight. Your nagging, intrusive thoughts get the better of you and you pull her in for a deep kiss. Mommy grows flustered and begins to insist that all of this must be a dream. The made-up magazine, the phony contest, and your very un-familial kiss are proof that she must be in her head. Certain that she’s asIeep, she decides there’s only minimal harm in seeing where her taboo dream about you will lead. She goes in for another kiss as you try to explain that you are very much real, but she’s reluctant to believe you. It’s not until she pinches herself that she comes to the sobering realization that she’s just done something terrible.

You assure Mommy that she’s a good mother, in fact, she’s the BEST mother and you have the paperwork to show it. She babbles about all the things she SHOULDN’T do to you, rattling off a number acts that would be abhorrent for her to perform on her own son. She senses how excited the conversation is making you and launches herself at you, ordering you to expose yourself to her and let her taste you.

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