Ophelia Kaan, Ricky Spanish – Building Up Mom FullHD 1080p

Ophelia Kaan, Ricky Spanish - Building Up Mom FullHD 1080p

Stepson Ricky (Spanish) thinks his stepmother (Ophelia Kaan) looks really hot, and he’s not reluctant to tell her so, when she asks his opinion if the outfit (featuring a short skirt) is appropriate for her to wear to work. He tells her it’s fine, and even helps her let her hair down to hang freely as just the right touch to complete the look.

Left alone in the bathroom, Ricky can’t resist sniffing a pair of stepmom’s panties lying on the sink counter, and it’s clear he has a thing for the mature stepmom. He sits down on the toilet seat and whips out his big dick, masturbating as he continues to be stimulated by sniffing her underwear. Without warning mom returns to the bathroom to fetch her car keys, but fortunately for Ricky she doesn’t seem to see what he’s doing, having replaced her necessary glasses with contacts that she hasn’t adjusted to yet.

That night, mom is in bed in her pajamas typing away on her laptop when Ricky visits her bedroom. They talk about mom getting up the courage to ask her boss for a raise -she’s never gotten one in 18 years of service at the company. The boss turned her down cold, so she’s typing up her resume, set to look for a new job. Ricky offers encouragement but his mom sounds defeatist, claiming: “It seems like all his colleagues have secretaries that toddle around the office in four-inch heels, miniskirts and push-up bras. I don’t know how I’m going to compete with some eighteen-year-old girl, your age”. Ricky disagrees, indicating how hot he thinks she is. She rewards him with a kiss on the cheek, and Ricky returns the favor, going back to his bedroom to sleep. He’s surprised when mom walks into his bedroom and calmly, without a word, removes her panties and hands them over, announcing to him: “They’re nicer than the ones you had earlier”. Yes, she did see him jerking off in the bathroom, her contact lenses working just fine. She turns to leave, but remains instead, asking her son what he does with them.

Ricky demonstrates, pulling down the bed covers, exposing his erect cock and wrapping the panties around it. Mom sits down on the bed to observe, and after a few strokes she instructs: “Let mommy”. She begins giving him a hand job, declaring “I just wanted to make you feel good”. She spreads her legs wide and starts rubbing her own bald pussy as Ricky resumes jerking his own cock. “You make me feel beautiful, and confident, like I could make any of my wildest dreams come true”, mom says.

They begin passionately kissing each other, and then mommy leans back, with Ricky beginning to go down on her. As he licks her pussy, she raises her pajama tops and asks him to touch her nipples, pointing out and ready for action. As mommy becomes more and more aroused she keeps praising him, and his tongue brings her to orgasm. “Put your cock in my mouth”, she requests. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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