Peachy Keen Films – Emma Scarlett – Nanny Interview 5 Part 1 HD 720p

Peachy Keen Films - Emma Scarlett - Nanny Interview 5 Part 1 HD 720p

We open with a flashback. On the bed lays a sexy woman sprawled, while a monster of a man slides his cock into her cold dead pussy. A ligature mark denotes her untimely death as he lays into her, thrusting with a vicious fervor. He pulls out, and sprays his load on her chest in thick, viscous globs. He leaves her there. The man sits in a chair talking to his bosses about a new potential nanny. They are happy to hear that she seems to be completely secretive about her intentions to be a live in nanny. This will make things so much easier. The sexy little 18 year old sits on the couch in her flirty school girl outfit. She giggles and laughs nervously at his interview questions and makes adorable coos at the pictures of the children she is interviewing to be the nanny of. The man seems way too eager to get her to take a drink from an unmarked bottle of water however and her nervousness soon seems less misplaced. Getting off the couch, she laughs awkwardly as she uncomfortably states that she doesn’t think the house will be a good fit for her, but the man imposes himself on her, blocking her egress.

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