Pink Drip – Leukophobia FullHD

Pink Drip - Leukophobia FullHD

Pink Drip

1. (rare) Pathological fear of or aversion to the color white.
It’s been a while since we’ve spoken. Our once close relationship as Brother/Sister has dwindled. Mostly from aging but also…due to your fear of the color white. I invite you to visit my new house since I’ve just moved out. You’re excited to see your lil Sis, but you just can’t shake the discomfort these white walls and fixtures give you.
What kind of Sister would I be if I didn’t help family? This weekend we are going to cure you of your phobia one stroke at a time er-…step. Gosh big bro you’re so terrified of this color that you won’t even let yourself jerk off till completion! I cannot let you leave here still caught in the grasp of Leukophobia. As your Sister I will do whatever it takes to help you.
whatever. it. takes

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