Pink Drip – Mom’s Life Crisis

Pink Drip - Mom's Life Crisis

Pink Drip - Mom's Life Crisis

Pink Drip


After a hard breakup you begrudgingly move back in with your Mother. To ease the pain you’ve been going out to sex clubs/bars and leaving Mommy dearest to do all the housework. She’s grown sick and tired of having to clean up after you again, it’s gotten so bad you think she might be going through a midlife crisis!
Her friends are busy with their families, and Mommy wants to go out on the prowl like she used to…low and behold you’ve snuck a ticket to an event into your laundry so she wouldn’t find it. Such a shame that this is laundry day, Mom takes the ticket. Considering it a “tip” for all the hard work she’s done.
Thinking that she’s going to go see a German concert (Fukensuk Fest) she gets ready and bolts out the door. She really has no idea what she’s gotten herself into, for this is no concert…it’s a classic game of Mystery Meat and your Mother is the first contestant! A friend tells her to calm down, have fun and to take it allll in (I don’t think THIS is what she had in mind.) By the time she’s getting as acquainted as she can with her first subjects, you’re on your way to teach your Mommy a lesson about taking other people’s things.
She tells you that your cock tastes familiar, but you know it’s more like FAMILIAL. Will tasting her own son put an end to your Mom’s Life Crisis? I have a feeling it’s all downhill from here. Or uphill, she’s always been a balls half full kinda gal…GLASS (definitely meant glass.)

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