Molly Jane in Daughters have to get paid HD (



scene one: pay to fuck me
molly is broke. getting a text message from an old boyfriend, he will pay her to have sex with him. just before she leaves to see him her dad asks to borrow her phone. he sees the text message and is furious, his daughter will not be a whore. he makes her strip to show off what’s under her clothes. if she wants money, then he will fuck her and show her what it feels like to be used.
he makes her give him a lap dance before pulling down his pants and sucking his cock. she is so ashamed of herself and so turned on by sucking her dads cock for money, that she rubs her pussy. dad flips her onto the couch and makes her call her ex-boyfriend to tell him in detail that her dad fucks her better. she moans on the phone to him as her dad fucks her to orgasm. with racking shakes she falls to the couch destroyed and satisfied while her dad throws money on her body.

scene two: pay to watch me masturbate
molly calls her dad into her bedroom. dressed in a short skirt, tight top and long socks, molly spreads her legs wide to show she isn’t wearing panties. if you pay me you can watch me masturbate dad she moans and rubs her pussy for him.
it’s not long before she begs him for his cock sucking him deep. flipping up her skirt dad gives her something new. he fucks her until he cums inside her. he leaves without paying and molly yells at him.

scene three: dressing naughty to get paid
dressed in lingerie and stockings molly is in the kitchen making food. dad can’t believe this, what if mom comes downstairs. molly tells him that he could always pay her to go change. a smile crosses his face and he drops to his knees. pulling her panties out of the way he licks her making her moan and shake with waves of emotion.
dad pushes her over the counter and fucks her. they fall to the floor in a heap and fuck on the floor. molly cums and forgets about everything else. go change he tells her, and leaves without paying again.

scene four: poor girl revenge
dressed in sexy clothes again molly walks into the living room. dad tells her that mom is out so she can’t blackmail him. molly takes out her phone and calls mom. as she does she pulls off her dad’s pants and jerks his cock. she tells mom exactly what she is doing and how she is doing it better.
her mom listens in to her daughter sucking and fucking her husband. she begs him to put it in her ass and he fucks her until she cums. he shoots his hot load onto her face and she tells her mom how creamy and delicious it is. with her parents marriage ruined molly smiles. next time pay up.

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