Primal Fetish – Cherry’s Full Training Session HD 2015



Part 1 Initial Programming- Cherry gets her initial programming. Mindless Stripping. Can only say colors when she talks (very funny when she gets angry). Unknowingly flaunts and displays her naked body while in conversation. Mantras.

Part 2 Mindless Orgasms – Cherry is compelled to mindlessly use a vibrator. She cums over and over while repeating mantra, her toes curl and her thighs shake but she stays deeply in trance.

Part 3 Mindless Cock Sucking Slave – Cherry is in trance, she is compelled to suck and worship a cock while repeating her submissive mantra, even while cum drips out of her mouth she doesn’t stop.

Part 4 Helpless and Used – Cherry believes she cannot move and doesn’t remember where she is. The stranger in the ski mask terrifies her as he has her way, but she still can’t hold back the climaxes he inflicts on her as her body is in an unexplainable orgasmic state that she can’t control. A good demonstration of jut how much control over her thoughts and sensation the programming has had.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:59:50
Size: 1.32 Gb