Primal’s Dark Fantasies – Femme Fatale: Olivia Austin – He’s Seduced and Executed HD wmv

He's Seduced and Executed

Secretary, Rachel, is a spy who is trying to get information from her boss. She puts special drops in his coffee, but when she brings it to him, he decides that he doesn’t want it- he is going to go have a drink at the bar. After doing some snooping on his computer, all she can find are porno videos featuring his favorite porn star. This gives her the genius idea of transforming into the beautiful woman on the screen. She slips into the file room and transforms into the sexy, sultry porn star, Olivia. Since he didn’t want the coffee, she puts the drops on her nipples. She knows he will want to suck on her big tits. As he is sitting at the bar venting to the bartender, he is completely unaware that she is in on the plot too. The bartender indulges his complaining as she texts the “new” Olivia of his whereabouts. Olivia saunters into the bar, where her boss is having a drink and he is in awe of her beauty.

Olivia brings him up to her room. She strips, showing off her sexy red lingerie, and makes him strip as well, except- he as to leave his tie on. Once they’re on the bed, she insists that he pleasure her first. Once she gets off, she tells him how good she is going to fuck him! As she predicted, he sucks her nipples and starts to feel the effects of the drops. He soon realizes that she is up to no good and he is furious, claiming that he only thought she would be an easy fuck. Olivia makes it clear that she is in charge and she always gets what she wants! In fact, she wants all of the passwords on his computer. He refuses but she completely dominates him by tying him down, teasing his still hard cock before sliding it into her pussy. He still refuses to give up his passwords as she rides his cock, slapping him in the face and choking him with his own tie. She threatens that if he doesn’t give them up, she will leave him there and his obituary will read that he was left all tied up and naked on a bed. In fact, if he gives her his passwords, then she will let him cum. He finally gives her when she has been demanding and she lets him cum. But she didn’t fully keep her promise, she pulls his tie a little too hard and the tie constricts completely leaves him there for someone to find. Rachel is back in her own skin as she slides her thigh highs back on, gets dressed and gives her former boss a parting kiss goodbye.

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