Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Arcadia Assylum- Mind Shattered HD 2015



Atomic Avenger is the worlds most powerful Superheroines. She is able to absorb enough energy to run a nuclear power plant. For this reason she was chosen to track down the stoles case of Element Q, a material with 100x the fusion power of plutonium.

She has fought her way through waves of Doctor Dementia’s “Super Psychos” and even though she knows the evil scientist has watched her every move on his security camera’s she is not the least bit concerned. She is just too powerful.

Finally she is face to face with the twisted genius, and is prepared to take him down when she smells something wrong in the air, gas fills the room and she feels herself getting week and dizzy. Dr D tells her it is his neutralizing gas, it is totally subduing her powers. The room spins and she struggles to stay focused but at last she succumbs, the evil Doctor gloating as he watches her fall

Now she is restrained and hooked up to electrodes that are trying to fully drain her power. She is too strong for the Doctor’s device to work so he orgasmically breaks her down. She loses control as he forces her to have one squirting orgasm after another. The device drains her powers and she is left feeble minded and weak

Doctor Dementia is far from done with Atomic Avenger. He proceeds to perform experiments to exploit her weakness. He has already discovered that her only vulnerable spot is her pussy, and by forcing her to cum his machines can drain more of her power. Now, since she had the will to resist the full effects of his gas, he wants to break her mind. High intensity electro shock therapy intended to destroy her memory and shatter her mind. Millions of volts driven into her brain while electrodes clamped to her hard nipples help induce more orgasms keeping her unable to focus or resist

Doctor Dementia doesn’t’ want to risk her being able to withstand the electric shocks so He examines deep inside her pussy while she is subdued and then inserts a calibration device to determine the exact frequency and temperature required to make her have debilitating orgasms

He again stimulates her pussy, watching it visibly throb, the temperature rises and she explodes in gushing orgasm. NOW HE HAS THE EXACT INFORMATION HE NEEDS! Making the proper adjustments the psychotic scientist is able to make her have a continuous squirting orgasm. Electric current flows unchecked through her brain, leaving her virtually mindless! Doctor Dementia is not one to waste resources, and he won’t underestimate a superheroine’s ability to recover from even the most seemingly crippling conditions, so he has her restrained and locked in a secure cell deep below the asylum.

Sure enough, Atomic Avenger wakes up and even though she is weak and confused she instinctively struggles to get free. Her atomic anatomy is managing to revers the electrical damage to her mind, Desperately she struggles, and somehow is able to free herself from her restraints. But one of the Doctor’s Psychos leaps on her and after a brief terrified struggle she gets a concentrated injection of more of the neutralizing compound. Without her powers the full effect of the sock treatments take effect She is limp, mindless, helpless.

Following his orders to keep her subdued the Psycho guarding her later returns, and in his evil muddled mind the maniac decides to exploit her vulnerable pussy in order to prevent her from again beginning to regain her powers.

Lifting her ass up and spreading her pussy he finds that is wet and ready. Atomic Avenger is fucked hard and deep with little reaction other then the reflexive moans with each hard thrust. She seems to continue getting weaker encouraging the Psycho to fuck her more until he can’t hold out against her tight pussy. He decided a little punishment is in order for making him have to work so hard to keep her subdued so he lets out his load on her face as she stares up helplessly.

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