Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Vanessa Cage, Captain Mar’Velle – Supra Girl Meets Her Biggest Fan HD mp4 720p


Supra Girl has had a thing for Captain Mar’Velle for a long time so when she gets a voice mail from him to meet at secluded place for sometime together she is very excited.

When she arrives at the location she finds candles, a bottle of champagne and a note telling her to enjoy the champagne and he will be there soon. The giddy superheroine has been looking forward to a night like this for a long time and starts drinking the slightly greenish bubbly

She starts feeling relaxed right away, but knows it must be in her head, after all, she isn’t affected by things like champagne. She is well into her glass when she feels a pair of hands massaging her shoulders. “Oh Captain” she sighs enjoying the feeling

‘Captain Mar’Velle’ gets very close and smells her hair which she thinks is a little silly but flattering, but then the ‘Captain’ speaks and she realizes it isn’t her hunky hero after all!

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