Primal’s Savage Tales – Astrid Star – Crimson Caught in Brutal Payback


Crimson scopes out her fellow agent’s house. She’s fully aware that the request she got to come over is almost certainly a trap, but the superheroine is too cocky to realize that she may not actually have the upperhand here. All is clear as she makes her way further into the house. She never even sees the masked man until a cloth is in her face. But even then, Crimson isn’t terribly worried. It’s not the first time a bad guy has tried to put her out this way. But something’s different this time. When Crimson realizes her powers aren’t working, her heroic resistance quickly turns to a panicked struggle to keep her eyes open. When she’s out like a light, the masked man easily throws her over his shoulder and carries her upstairs.


When Crimson comes to, she finds herself tied up with rope and gagged with a cloth. Especially with his mask, the superheroine doesn’t quite recognize her captor. But he has no trouble reminding her of how she ruined his first big score and sent him to prison for a decade. Prison gives a man a lot of time to think, like about how badly he wants payback on the cocky young superheroine who wrecked his budding criminal career. With what’s on her gag, Crimson’s powers can’t even generate a spark, let alone break her free. She tries to spit it out, but she doesn’t exactly have the upperhand. She is completely at the masked man’s mercy, and he’s not holding back. The man tells her that before he beats the hell out of her, he’s going to take her pride. That before he’s done, she’s going to be begging him to cum on her. He rips open her costume and pulls a powerful vibrator out of his pocket. Even when the man chokes and slaps her, Crimson cannot resist the powerful sensations of the vibrator. Orgasm after orgasm, she betrays herself and plays further into his plan.

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