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Nightforce Origin Story

Paladin and Amethyst are sneaking in some late night sparring in an unfinished training room. Drill Sergeant Malice comes in and sends Amethyst to the seet the commandant. Paladin is supposed to graduate tomorrow and become a government sanctioned and sponsored superheroine. He orders Paladin to do a training match with her and she obeys and realizes her powers aren’t working. It seems like Sgt Malice has one innate power- to negate other peoples innate powers. It also turns out Sgt Malice, through training and government experiments, has nearly superhuman speed, resilience and strength. The fight goes badly for Paladin and her last thoughts before going out are that this seems way beyond training.

Paladin wakes up in a holding cell securely bound with heavy chains. Sgt Malice is there and tells her she is a liability. Weark superheroines like herr only encourage villains. He wants her to quit. Paladin refuses to quite. Sgt Malice begins beating her, and she can stop him any time she wants, she just has to say “I quite” But even battered and injured Paladin won’t submit and Sgt Malice leaves for a moment. Amethyst rushes in and tells Paladin that this is NOT a final test. Sgt Malice is mentally unstable and the commandant is no where to be found. Amethyst goes to charge her super strength but it won’t work. Sgt Malice has returned and it goes badly for Amethyst while Paladin struggles helplessly against the chains unable to do anything but watch the savage beating. Sgt Malice again tells Paladin to quit and again she refuses

Paladin is chained AoH in the showers, the water is running over her and she is exhausted. Sgt Malice gives her the chance to quit, saying he will unchain her, dry her off and confess everything he did to the commandant. Paladin knows this isn’t just a test anymore but she knows that if she gives in she will be proving the psychotic instructor right. She endures intense electo-torture but even when she begs for mercy and Sgt Malice asks if she quits. she still remains defiant and says NO

Sgt Malice moves from purely physical torture to physical and psychological. Paladin knows what villains love to do most to the superheroines they capture and Sgt Malice is set to prove she can’t handle it. She is forced to cum, screaming and convulsing over and over as the night goes on and still she won’t give in.

Sgt Malice tells Paladin that he has half a dozen convicts from the super-max prison waiting outside the locker room and he is going to bring them in to gang bang her until she quits. Paladin nearly breaks and she begins to plead. Sgt Malice offers her a choice she can Quite, Get Gang Banged, or Suck his cock.

Sgt Malice has taken Paladin to the hide-out he used before he was rehabilitated. He is going to fuck Paladin hard and mercilessly until she quits. Paladin begins to plead and say no and Sgt Malice says he will stop anytime she wants, just say “I Quit” . Even now Paladin knows he can’t stop her from becoming a full superheroine, she can just say “I quit”, and he will let her go and confess and she will graduate. But in her heart she knows he is right. If she gives in then she doesn’t have what it really takes. The ruthless fucking is more than Paladin can take, it’s been hours and Sgt Malice shows no sign of being ready to finish. She pleads and begs and Sgt Malice decides to have mercy and comes all over her face. He tells her with his enhanced physiology he will be ready to go again in a minute and it will last longer. Paladin knows she can’t handle it, she begs and strikes a deal…

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