Primal’s Taboo Sex – Homeschool – Sex Ed (Parts 1,2,3) HD ( 720p/ 2015)



Freya has called her son and daughter in to her room to teach them about sexual education, in a very practical hands on type of way. They are embarrassed and uncomfortable but they are used to doing what mom tells them to do
Part 1. Freya explains to Mitchell the importance of being able to use his mouth to make a girl cum and so she demonstrates on his sister Emma. After she makes her daughter cum she instructs Mitchell to do the same. After carefully watching Mitchell make Emma cum she decides he is ready for his final exam and she strips naked to see what her son can do with his tongue

Part 2. Now It is Emma’s turn for an oral exam and she watches carefully as her mom sucks Mitchell’s cock before taking her turn. Mom and daughter pass the hard young cock back and forth as Emma learns each technique. Emma is instructed to finish and soon she is swallowing her brother’s huge load. Mother and daughter share the cum in long kiss

Part 3. For the most important part Freya is going to teach them how to fuck, she has Mitchell fuck her in all the most important positions and is very impressed at how many times his cock can make her cum. Emma is gettin more and more into the lesson and you can see how she is feeling so fascinated and happy to be sharing this lesson. Mom now directs Emma and Mitchell as they go through each position. Emma cums hard from his deep thrusts and Freya warns Mitchell not to cum in his sister so he pulls out and is told to turn his sister over so he can fuck her deeply and then pull out and cum all over her ass.

Freya is so proud of her son and daughter

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