Princess Ellie Idol – Family Incest Test for My Brother FullHD

Family Incest Test for My Brother

I found something interesting online about brothers who have things for their sisters… Strange right? It’s gotta be fake! After all, guys couldn’t be attracted to their sisters. I know there was a study about girls sniffing a variety of shirts anonymously and how they found their brothers’ the least appealing even though they didn’t know it was their brothers’ shirts. Though I wonder why they didn’t do a study on men and smelling their sisters’ shirts… I find it all fascinating… so much that I want to conduct a test of my own. You could never find me attractive, right? If at any time I repulse you, leave. You keep saying how this is wrong and how I’m your sister, and yet you won’t get up and walk away. It’s almost as if your body just sees me as a woman, a potential MATE and not a sibling. If you don’t leave by the time I drop my bra, you’ll just confirm my suspicions that all men are attracted to their siblings. They just won’t admit it…

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