Pro Villain – Ashley Lane – Home Invasion HD 720p

Pro Villain - Ashley Lane - Home Invasion HD 720p

Gorgeous Ashley Lane is so excited to be in her new house! She’s bragging on the phone about the great price she got because it was a foreclosure or something. Who cares, it’s hers now! She hangs up and strips out of her top, shorts and panties, then changes into a sexy silk nightgown and lies down on her new bed to sleep. After she drifts off a man in torn jeans and a black leather jacket creeps up on her. He startles her awake with a firm hand on her ass and a knife at her throat. Poor Ashley doesn’t even stand a chance. She has to hold still as he shreds her nightie and gropes her defenseless (and totally AWESOME) breasts.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:16:04
Size: 1491 Mb

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