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Reluctant Superhero

Charlotte Davis was a beautiful young woman who hated men and took to terminating them for pleasure. Eventually the law caught up with her and she was sentenced to life in a maximum-security prison. However, she had been there only a few months when a mysterious government figure called Mr. Brown arrived and asked to meet with her on a confidential matter. A guard duly escorted her – dressed in striped uniform and well-shackled at ankles and wrists – in to his presence. Mr. Brown then made his business known. He was the head of a top-secret agency in search of new recruits. He often picked them from the dregs of society – the slums, the ghettos, the jails. This was two for reasons: First, he needed a particular, tough-minded type, who had nothing to lose. Second, he wanted someone expendable. Charlotte fitted the bill perfectly. So Mr. Brown gave her a choice: She could sign up to his agency and do a good deed for her country, or she could refuse – and expect to face some nasty consequences. Despite this threat, Charlotte was unmoved. She sneered at Mr. Brown and told him where he could go. Mr. Brown turned to the only other person present in the room – his private guard, Sergeant Aaron – and gave him a signal. Sergeant Aaron promptly swung his nightstick across the back of Charlotte’s legs, causing her to fall to the floor. The next time Charlotte was on her feet, she was naked, but still shackled. Calmly, Mr. Brown repeated the choice she had. But Charlotte again refused him. At that, Mr. Brown once more signaled Sergeant Aaron to put the young lady straight. A swing of the nightstick, and Charlotte was back down on the floor. Mr. Brown then came over, raised her on to her knees, grabbed hold of her head, pulled out his cock and shoved it between her reluctant lips. Charlotte hated being defiled by a man, but there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Mr. Brown pressed hard at the back of her head, forcing her to suck his cock so deep and that she constantly gagged and gurgled and spluttered on its throat-reaching length. Afterwards, he bent Charlotte over a desk and gave her defenseless pussy a long, rough fucking from behind. In vain Charlotte tried to hide her vulnerability from her despised male abuser. She grimaced and cried out and moaned in pleasure even as she loathed the cause of it. Finally, back on her knees, she had to perform a second, rigorous sucking of Mr. Brown’s cock – until it blasted a load of horrible man-cum all over her lips. This ordeal drained much of her defiance. It was just as Mr. Brown had hoped. To Charlotte he could now make a persuasive point.

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