Raquels Fellatio Fantasies Raquel Roper – My Step-Bro’s Perverted Foot Fetish FullHD 1080p

Raquels Fellatio Fantasies Raquel Roper - My Step-Bro's Perverted Foot Fetish FullHD 1080p

Your cute and sassy Step-Sister, Raquel, enters your room to confront you about something you’ve been hiding and keeping a secret. She promises to not tell Step-Mom or your Step-Dad about your hidden little tresure. You like FEET! That’s right, your step-sister knows all about your little foot fetish, she found all your porn! Now.. Your Step-Mom and Step-Dad would not be pleased if they knew you were keeping porn, and espcially if they knew about your weird, perverted obsession with feet. Raquel says under her conditions, she will keep your little secret. Raquel begins to playfully rub her toes and soles all over the outside of your boxers. She admits she wants to stroke your cock with her soles, and she promises to not tell anyone if you let her. Raquel strips you of your boxers, and reaches next to the bed.. She immediately finds your lube. Raquel begins to stroke your cock with the insides of her soles and teases you with the tips of her toes. She tells you the girls in the magazine stroke cock in so many directions! She wants to try some out.. And she turns around so her ass is right in your face! She rubs your cock slowly with her arches, and inbetween her toes, while teasing you with her ass. She continues to rub with her arches and soles… Until you burst all over her feet.. her toes, her arches,, She shows off the bottoms of her feet, which are covered in lube and cum. “Look, step-brother, at how wet my soles are!” But… Raquel then bursts into evil laugher.. “I’m telling Step-Mom and Step-Dad you are a foot-perve, anyways!!”

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