RheaSweet – Daddy Daughter Intimate FullHD 1080p

RheaSweet - Daddy Daughter Intimate FullHD 1080p

I’m in my closet as my dad walks in to my room. I tell him that I’m trying on something nice for him. It’s been so long since we spent time together. He’s always spending so much time with … other girls. I want to have some special time like we used to. Yes, I have a boyfriend, but it’s not the same. There is no one like Daddy. He acts a little shy like he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. I know that he knows. I want to get his attention. I start to pull my top down to show him my titties. I want him to see how much they have grown. I ask him if he can tell how much bigger they have become. He definitely can tell, because I see his cock getting hard. I make him touch my titties, and I tell him that his cock is so big. I want to taste him again. I get on my knees and pull out my dad’s big cock. I put my mouth around it and suck on Daddy’s cock for a while. I love they way he tastes. Mmm … I want to make him admit htat he misses my tight little pussy. I see him squirm when I tell him to imagine my tight little pussy wrapped around his hard cock. I know he wants this pussy to cum on his cock. I lean back and tell my daddy to take me. He takes his hard cock and rubs it against my wet little pussy. I tell him to slide it into my wet pussy. Oh, his cock is too big! It barely fits into this tight little pussy. I need more of my daddy. I tell him I want more and to fuck me harder. My dad keeps fucking me harder and harder until I cum on top of his big cock. He pushes me on to my back and climbs on top of me. I tell Daddy how much I need him inside of me. I need him to cum inside of me, please. I want his cum to fill me up, and I don’t care if I get pregnant. I keep begging him to cum inside of me until he finally shoots his cum deep inside of my wet, little pussy. I don’t care if I get pregnant. In fact, I hope I do. As I feel his cum dripping out of me, I tell Daddy that now I will always have a part of him inside of me. He will always be mine.

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