Ricky Spanish, Chad Alva, Kylie Rocket – Helping Out My Brother Pt 1-2 HD 720p

Ricky Spanish, Chad Alva, Kylie Rocket - Helping Out My Brother Pt 1-2 HD 720p

Kylie (Rocket) is stuck at home with her stepbrother Ricky (Spanish) on a break from college with nothing to do, and she takes her frustrations out on him. He’s an introverted gamer, who when she baits him reveals his friends are mainly on-line, causing her to needle him: “Oh my God, my shy little stepbrother has an online girlfriend!” Reluctantly Ricky shows her a picture of his girl on his phone, and Kylie sarcastically mocks him: “Oh, she’s pretty. Don’t you think she looks a little bit like me? She definitely does, we could be sisters. Oh my God, you sent her dick pics?”. Ricky objects and tries to get his phone back from her, but Kylie declares: “Oh, you have a nice cock. Come on, we’re family -it’s not like I’m going to tell anyone.” Insecure Ricky starts to pour out his problems to sis, who seems receptive, but is clearly still mulling over the sight (in miniature on the cell phone screen) of her relative’s dick. He’s afraid the girl will be disappointed with him, as he doesn’t have much experience with sex, unlike Kylie who’s had lots of guys. She decides to build up his confidence. She elects to take him under her wing, starting with: “If you can kiss your stepsister, you can definitely kiss your girlfriend”. His timid peck on her cheek goes nowhere, but he improves with practice and soon they’re on the bed with Ricky trying to take charge. “Now imagine I’m her and try and drive her crazy. Make her beg you to make her cum “, Kylie purrs. Sitting atop him, she removes her top, exposing her beautiful natural breasts. Then she slips off her denim shorts, revealing a tempting ass in her pink panties. Next to come off is Ricky’s slacks, with his erect cock popping out, ready for action. “You do have a nice cock”, she reacts and immediately starts stroking it, soon popping it into her mouth for an instant demonstration of deep throat. Watch the naughty taboo scene unfold…-

In Part 1, Kylie (Rocket) mocked her nerdy stepbrother Ricky (Spanish) about his on-line gaming activities, but feeling sorry for him, she gave him a lesson in sex that might impress his new on-line girlfriend. Now in Part 2, Kylie is awoken from sleep by loud knocking on the door -it’s Chad (Alva), a co-worker of her brother’s. She’s polite to him, but Chad turns out to be an uppity male chauvinist, who’s looking for money Ricky owes him, and bad-mouths the young man. When Kylie tries to defend her stepbrother as a nice guy, the kind who girls like, Chad counters: “No, they like keeping nice boyfriends on puppet strings so they can fuck real men on the side”. After listening to his self-assured nonsense for a bit, she tries to throw the big-mouth out, but he takes off his shoes and settles in, claiming he’s big with the local housewives, but interested in younger women like her as well. Kylie’s amused by this braggart and even confides that she’s had sex with her brother just that once, and Chad is impressed. “Who was it who took the initiative, was it him or was it you?”, he asks. “Definitely me”, she responds. Chad recognizes the opportunity, and slides over on the living room couch and boldly begins rubbing Kylie’s pussy -she’s answered the door wearing only her panties and a tee-shirt. She’s instantly turned on, and Chad takes advantage, getting Kylie to repeat insults about her brother while praising him and egging him on to have sex with her. “You talk such a good game with me that my pussy’s so fucking wet”, she murmurs, as she takes over and pulls out Chad’s big cock and begins stroking and sucking it. Watch Kylie’s “bad girl” scene unfold…

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