Robby Echo, Shay Sights – Human Contact part 1 FullHD 1080p

 Robby Echo, Shay Sights - Human Contact part 1 FullHD 1080p

Stepmom is putting on her makeup before the bathroom mirror. She turns toward the camera (representing her stepson Chad, played by Robby Echo) and declares: “Oh God, I don’t know why I even bother. How do I look? I guess I should get a shirt on, huh?”. “I don’t know. It depends on what kind of meeting it is”, Chad says. “Well, I don’t know what you think it is I do, but it does require a shirt”, she jokes. “Okay, you’re waiting for me, aren’t you? Almost done, okay, there, perfect. Okay, I’m totally late for my meeting”, she notes, examining her watch. “I cannot wait until your father finishes refurbishing that other bathroom. Sorry”, she says, slinking sideways out the door past Chad so he can use the facility. He goes to the sink and picks up her tube of lipstick left behind, and feels his groin. “Chad, can you come here and help me with something please?”, she yells. “Yeah”, he responds, putting down the lipstick and fixing his pants as he goes to her bedroom. “The computer’s broken. I hate doing these online meetings, stuck in the house all of the time”, she complains of ongoing pandemic conditions. She hands the laptop to Chad, who tells her; “I’ll take a look at it”. “Thanks, I swear I’m losing it. That thing was working totally fine this morning. Oh!”, she exclaims. “What’s wrong?”, Chad asks. Looking at her phone she announces: “The meeting’s for tomorrow -I’m so embarrassed. Uh, oh my God – I was downloading this new software to do these meetings and it’s restarting and that’s why it’s not powering up. Oh my God, I’m losing it”, she repeats. Stepmom sits down on her bed and laments: “I’m all dressed up and nowhere to go”. Chad moves close to her and sympathizes: “You’re not losing it”. “I’m so sick of being cooped up in this house, and…”, she says, but he interrupts: “Forget it”. “I’m not complaining about you and your stepsister of course, I just, I really miss human contact”, she notes. They join hands in solidarity and he says: “I understand”. “You do? You’re such a smart boy. Your dad’s not around much lately, you noticed? You must think I’m totally coming unhinged”, she declares. “No, not at all. You’re just under a lot of pressure”, Chad responds. “I am, I’m under so much pressure. I didn’t think you’d notice”, she admits. “We see all that you sacrifice”, he states. “You do? That really means a lot to me”, she says, removing her high heels. “I’m going to put something more comfortable on -turn around”, stepmom says, undressing down to bra and panties and grabbing a robe from the closet door. “That’s better. You know that expression: ‘all work and no play make Emily a dull girl'”. “You’re not dull”, he responds. “Oh God, that’s so nice of you to say sweetie, but I feel like I’m crawling out of my skin, and you know what -I shouldn’t really be complaining, I mean you guys have lost the most formative years of your life, and I’ve had my fun”, stepmom avers. Chad says: “It’s not that bad, me and Jaslyn we…”. She interrupts him: “You guys really get along, don’t you?”. Camera nods his Yes. “She’s very pretty”, mom says. “You’re beautiful”, he replies. She moves closer and says:” Oh, I’m just your stepmom. I mean if I were in college I’d have a huge crush on you. I mean I’m saying crazy things”. They both sit down on her bed. “No, it’s okay, I like it”, Chad tells her. “You do?”. He nods Yes. “Well, I’ve always been a social person, but you don’t know me like this”, she claims. “I can tell”, he responds. “Really?”, she smiles. “What do you think of me?”, stepmom asks. “I think you’re really hard working, beautiful and I like talking to you”, he answers. “That’s twice you’ve called me beautiful”, she remarks. “You are”. She puts her hand on his knee and asks: “Do you get lonely?”. “Sometimes”. “It’s been difficult, hasn’t it?”, she asks. “It’s been hard to meet girls”, Chad admits. “I bet”, she agrees, taking his hand and kissing it gently. “We’re both lonely”, stepmom says, putting Chad’s hand on her breast. She places her hand on his crotch and says: “Shh!”. She fondles his private parts as Robby caresses her breasts. “This is for all your love and support”, she says, continuing: “I mean if we’re going to be stuck here we might as well enjoy it, right?”. Chad leans back on the bed, and she mocks: “I think you’ve been looking at mommy a little longer than maybe you’d like to admit. That young cock is throbbing for mommy, isn’t it?”. Watch the taboo romance unfold, and look forward to the next installment featuring stepsister Jaslyn, played by Freya Parker.

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