ROBOMEATS – Couple Timestops Maid For Fun


Rilynn Rae, Tegan Mohr and Rock – Tegan and Rock have hired a new maid, Rilynn, to do some cleaning, and other stuff…Rock and Tegan have reconstructed a remote
control to timestop whoever it is pointed at, so the timestop Rilynn. They set her up on her knees and Rock puts his cock in her mouth, then restarts time. Tegan
quickly yells at Rilynn telling her not to suck her husbands cock and Rilynn, not knowing what happened apologized and begged them not to fire her. Rock and Tegan
sit down and watch her work, then Rock surprises Tegan by timestopping her and asks Rilynn to help him bring her back, telling her she needs to strip her and find
her button. While Rilynn is on her knees searching Tegans pussy, Rock timestops her, then strips her and fucks both of them.

Format: wmv
Resolution: 640 x 360
Duration: 00:20:47
Size: 243 Mb