ROBOMEATS – Pizza Hijack and Timestop



illow and Allie are hanging out at Willow’s house when they feel kinda hungry, so they decide to call for a pizza.

The pizza guy shows up, but runs into Willow’s neighbor, Rock, and his two buddies, who take the pizza from him and force him away, they then go into Willow’s house to give them the pizza.

The girls just want them to leave, so Rock uses his timestop watch on them so they can have a little fun!

The guys pose and strip the girls, taking their clothes off slowly and playing with them, Rock untimestops them for fun, only to freeze them again.

They then start fucking the girls, Rock fucks Allie’s mouth while Lucky gets better acquainted with Willow, Then Rock starts to fuck Allie’s frozen pussy while Alexander fucks Willow until they both cum, then they leave the girls frozen and naked on the couch while they enjoy their pizza.

Format: wmv
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:23:38
Size: 310 Mb