Sammi Starfish – Anal Hook Degradation – Stepmom’s Anal Predicament FullHD 1080p

 Sammi Starfish - Anal Hook Degradation - Stepmom's Anal Predicament FullHD 1080p

For those who are okay with larger file sizes check out the 4K version of this video. Hi, I’m 40-yr-old Sammi Starfish, your favorite real life milf wife. In this taboo bondage predicament my stepson and I need to make a quick stop before going to the store. I assure him I will be in and out and to just wait in the car. I enter this strange building, but it is strangely vacant. What is going on? Maybe it’s haunted. When I enter one of the rooms the door slams shut and locks behind me all by itself. The next thing I know I am hogtied with a horrible head harness ball gag. And my head harness is tied to a large anal ball hook making it impossible to move or escape. What is taking my stepson so long to check on me? It seems like forever before he finally finds me. And when he finally does he laughs at me. He thinks this is funny and I think he likes seeing me naked with a hook up my ass. But wait… I can’t get the large ball hook out of my asshole. And I have so much shopping to get done. I will have to wait to get that thing out of my butt. I go shopping at the store with the hook still up my asshole. You will love how naughty it is seeing me shopping in a public retail store with this hook up my ass. What would you do if you saw a milf shopping with a hook up her ass?

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