Sasha Curves – Hippie Mom Likes It Raw FullHD

Sasha Curves - Hippie Mom Likes It Raw FullHD

Sasha Curves

You get home to find your mom naked on the sofa. She explains that she’s trying out being a bit of a hippy, getting in touch with her spirituality by removing all clothes and just being at one with nature. You think it’s a load of rubbish, plus your mom’s naked body is giving you thoughts you shouldn’t be having, so you dismiss it and go to your room. She makes you feel uncomfortable later as she walks around the house completely nude, and your cock responds instinctively to the sight of her juicy ass bent over the washing machine. You refuse when she asks you to give it a try, telling your mom she’s gone mad. Eventually, mom takes matters into her own hands and pulls down your pants to get you to join her, revealing your huge boner. Mom tells you it’s ok and that you don’t need to hide. It’s your body’s natural reaction and she’s feeling the same way now looking at your body. She tells you it’s ok to embrace nature and what your body wants, and begins to take you in her hands, her mouth, then her pussy. There’s one catch though – no clothes nothing at all, so you’re not going to be wearing a condom either. Nothing but skin on skin allowed in this house, son. It’s ok, you probably won’t get me pregnant just this one time…

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