Sasha Curves – Mom It’s Me or Your Wife FullHD

Sasha Curves - Mom It's Me or Your Wife

Sasha Curves

It’s your wife’s birthday so while you’re away for work, you send her something nice to wear for you when you get back. Except, you bought it in a rush and accidentally addressed it to your stepmom instead. A little Freudian slip. You’re clearly not completely over that little fling you had with stepmom a few years ago, even though you desperately want to be.

A few days later, you stop by stepmom’s on the way home from your trip. You just wanted to say hi. You don’t see her much since that whole affair ended. But she’s dressed in the skimpy lingerie you thought you’d sent to your wife, and she’s so excited to see you again. You try to explain what happened but stepmom’s decided she’s not losing you again, and you can’t help but fall right back into her arms…

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